• Corporate Law
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Commercial contracting
• Internal Control (Legal Compliance)
• Criminal risks
• Family protocols
• Legal proceedings
• Corporate conflicts
• Succession right
• Arbitration

Civil procedures

• Validity, interpretation and execution of contracts in civil and commercial matters.
• Contractual and extra-contractual liability actions.
• Resolution and termination of contracts.
• Responsibility of representatives, auditors and managers.
• Commercial contracts for distribution, agency, supply, franchises.
• Challenging corporate and shareholders’ agreements.
• Works and service contracts.


Criminal Law

• Crimes against the estate and socio-economic order (fraud, misappropriation, etc.).
• Corporate crimes.
• Offenses for punishable insolvencies.
• Crimes against the Treasury and Social Security.
• Crimes against the environment.
• Crimes against the ordination of the territory.
• Accounting offenses and linked to banking activities and the stock market.
• Offenses of falsehood.
• Civil liability derived from the crime.
• Crime prevention program (Compliance).
• Program for the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Intellectual Property, Industrial Property and New Technologies

• Intangibles and new technologies.
• IP Registration and judicial defense of intangibles (trademarks, patents, designs and know-how).
• Image rights, sponsorship and publicity.
• Entertainment Law and Media.
• Digital law, social networks and online advertising.
• Advice and compliance in personal data protection regulation.
• P2P and e-Commerce platforms.
• Adaptation of new business models: collaborative economy, fintech, marketplace.
• Technological contracting.


Family Law

• Separation, divorce, civil and canonical annulments.
• Custody and visitation rights.
• Compensatory pension and alimony.
• Liquidation of economic agreements and distribution of assets.
• Deals and prenuptial agreements.

• Agreements of cohabitation.
• Actions for the recognition of children and filiation.
• Disability. Guardianship.
• International divorces.
• Recognition and execution in Spain of resolutions issued by foreign courts.

Bankruptcy Law

• Bankruptcy Administration
• Pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy law
• Debt refinancing
• Business liquidation plans
• Bankruptcy procedure


Administrative Law

• Public procurement
• Administrative contentious procedure
• Management and obtaining of subsidies

Labor Law

• Legal proceedings before the Social Jurisdiction
• Employment contracts
• Extrajudicial conflict resolution
• Labor Consultancy
• Labor audits. Due diligences and company valuations from a labor perspective.
• Labor force adjustment plans (layoffs).
• Collective bargaining.
• Prevention of occupational hazards.
• Expatriates / Impatriates